ERM Network Sagl is a Swiss consulting company with its offices in Chiasso, Milan and Rome, owned by HTLC Network Group Holding A.G..
Our mission is to respond to the new market trend which requires experts, also organized in teams, to provide company’s extended risk management.

ERM Network with its four activities areas (work safety, quality certification, energy management and marketing) plans, designs and supports the implementation of enterprises’ management processes.

ERM Network structure and network allow us to assist a target of multinational clients mainly small and medium-sized, with different levels of complexity for managers preferring a high level of outsourcing of business risks assigned to qualified consultants, to obtain results aligned and guaranteed to high levels of expectations: efficiency, organization, timeliness.

Our standard approach to project work, allows our Clients to work simultaneously with standard procedures and with a high level of customization to the Client’s needs, which maintains a free choice between internalization and externalization of activities, depending on skills and costs of internal staff available by the company from time to time.