Security management area

Work Safety and Security are two separate procedures and services created for different enterprises’ purposes, but the principles applicable to reach the final goal are very similar.
This is the reason why our company has decided to organize and offer a service management for the ‘Safety & Security Area’.
The management of work safety follows the guidelines of the EU Directives : and of the applicable national legislation of the different countries, in which our services of administrative and technical support are offered.
The same concept is valid for data security, which refers to national legal and technical rules.

Here below are some oft he related EU legal sources : (UK) (IT) (FR) (BE) (D)

The activities of security management therefore, include the organization, coordination, administrative and technical support services for the collection, preparation and storage of documents/ reports/ technical certifications of compliance of the work environments (civil, commercial, fiscal, industrial, such as : constructions authorizations, planimetries, fire prevention & protection, air conditioning, electrical, evacuation, etc.), information and specific training of the staff, for the management of medical care services and of all the necessary updates.

The activity of management of data security and social corporate responsibility (‘corporate social responsibility’ /CSR) instead include both the planning and procedural audit which are carried out according to applicable national legislation (Ex. in Europe the ‘Strategy 2011 -2014 for Corporate Social Responsibility’, in Italy Legislative Decree 231/2001, etc.), or I.T. audit, which are carried out by the our group dedicated company ITS Network.

This activity is anyway coordinated by the ERM division ‘ISO-UNI and SSAE 16 quality certifications’ (SSAE 16: American Association of Chartered Public Accountants).

If necessary, on Clients’ demand, ERM can take care by its staff and consultants to cover temporarily or for an undetermined period, specific roles foreseen by the local regulations in order to ensure coverage by a careful planning and tutoring.

This will allow Clients to know in advance and periodically monitor any related activity. The pure consulting activity is also assigned and coordinated by the partnership of chartered consultants HTLC – Studio Internazionale Associato, member firm of HTLC Network.

ERM NETWORK solutions include therefore a comprehensive risk management system, with the appointment of a dedicated consultant for the development of the necessary prevention measures and intervention programs, the appointment of a competent company doctor, organization and training of all actors involved in the enterprise work safety management.

Some of our specific services offered include:

  • preparation of floor drawings and plans with escape routes, fire extinguishers and hydrants organization, emergency and evacuation plan;
  • practical tests of evacuation;
  • phonometric surveys;
  • vibration measurements;
  • chemical, thermal, physical, psychological or environmental risk assessments;
  • Niosh risk assessment arising from the continued and repeated loads movement (biomechanical overload diseases risk, particularly of back injury);
  • interference risk assessment document (work on contracts: in case of dangerous contact between staff of the principal and the contractor or the employees of the various businesses operating in the same location with different contracts);
  • evaluation forms in accordance with the Machinery Directives;
  • services coordination : occupational medicine, company doctor tests and health plan preparation;
  • workers’ information and training;
  • information for the management of archives and access / preparation-audit of safety procedures;
  • integration of safety laws on company policies or separate preparation;
  • consulting and training for disciplinary sanctions systems;
  • informative courses, general and specific risks education, first aid and fire-prevention training.