Marketing Area

Enterprise risk management may also include the risks of the marketing and internationalization area, that company often deal with while planning and organizing development on foreign markets, as often it is not sufficient to ensure the desired results.

There are different risks factors: planning, legal, administrative, organizational, financial, educational and cultural, which can increase the chances of frustration for the efforts of companies investment.

It is true that there are a large number of variables that is certainly difficult or impossible to predict, but underestimate the analysis phase of information collection related to an investment in marketing and sales in a foreign market, and the drafting of a business and marketing plan, could be a key mistake that could totally compromise the correspondence between expectation and outcome of the project.

ERM Network’s approach allows to its Clients the availability of different levels of analysis – planning and follow-up services/instruments, tailored for the small and medium enterprises.

It is possible to choose and change a customized approach to internationalization, according to the resources available at the start and during the development of the project , with the possibility of a ‘multidisciplinary tutorship’.

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